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Hot Stone Massage

Remember what it was like as a child to lay upon the earth and feel as though nothing in the world was wrong? People search far and wide for that sense of well-being. Have we forgotten where to find it? In the fast paced society we live in, how often do we take time to go outdoors and reconnect with the world of nature. We miss the true meaning of why we go outside at all, not remembering that we need the connection to mother earth as much as we need to exercise. Many people are drawn to the Hot Stone work, it is such a popular therapy; the energies of the stones remind us of our connection to mother earth, allowing us to feel cradled and protected.

Hot Stonework can begin with the energy work and spiritual awakenings that are experienced with the aura and placement sequences – suited to the healing and more holistic client.   Alternatively it can be approached with a view to the chemical and physical change of the body and structures that come about as a result of applying heat.   Ideally suited to sports people and clients wanting deeper work. Whatever your current philosophy; Hot Stones is a therapy that anyone can come to grips with.

Many people describe the Hot Stone treatment as being very nurturing and extremely relaxing.  They say it is the deepest treatment they have ever experienced.  This means deep on the physical level, involving working the muscles to bring the individual to full flexibility and remove pain derived from a constant state of tension and stress.  It also means deep, as in deep relaxation – to a level they have probably never experienced and certainly never so quickly.  Within moments of being rolled onto the stones placed perfectly on either side of the spine, clients begin to relax in a way they never have before.  Deep treatment is also experienced on some other plane, on some level that clients are not sure about but where they feel safe and can feel healthy and balanced once again.  There is a quintessence with Hot Stones that you cannot put your finger on, although you do know for sure that something has happened to you – you just don’t quite know what.  The stones act like lots of little hot-water bottles tucked in and left to send you off to sleep.   At first it can feel a little strange, but as soon as the stones melt the muscles the feeling is of deep relaxation, grounding and centering.    This feeling of deep relaxation is combined with deep tissue manipulation that is less painful than normal massage therapy as the muscles have been thoroughly warmed –  the stones and the temperature do the work. Hot Stones therapy is an all round treatment, suited to those looking for stress release, relaxation and balancing, or to those needing a thorough workout on their body to be able to move away from injury and into total fitness.

I invite you to experience My Hot Stone work either by adding the stones to your regular massage session where I will work on a specific area of pain or tension or booking a full body hot stone session where stones are used over the entire body from top to toe. Your individual physical requirements can be discussed during consultation prior to your Hot Stone Session.