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Headache/Migraine Treatment

Headaches? …Migraines? If you have or are experiencing these nasty little afflictions, then you can be sure you are feeling like you have been temporarily separated from the human race!  People often describe the pain as being on another planet.  Moderate to severe pain like a band around your head, or a bulging pain behind your eyes or feeling like your head is in a vice.  Glowing lights, sounds becoming loud then faint, zigzags in front of your eyes, blurred vision … all of these can be pre-cursors to the event of a nasty Migraine.  Many people experience migraines, and too many people seem to suffer in silence. Well guess what, there is no need to put up with that any longer.

Massage has been proven to reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and migraines.  How?  By releasing the congestion and tension in your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, face and head. I have developed a routine with my Hot and Cold Stones that helps to melt that tension, disintegrate that pain, and move you away from the aching cloud.  So if you are nursing a sore head, or you have had enough of taking pain medication and you want to shift that cloud; please don’t hesitate to give this special treatment a try.