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About Joanne Tyler

The Blue Sea Massage clinic is situated in the heart of Cooks Beach, Whitianga. I have a clinic room that is detached from my house and has its own entrance way. It is also wheel chair accessible and there is always plenty of free parking on the street or right up to the door if needed. I offer a beautiful room that is warm and cosy in the winter time and airy and bright  in the summer months. It always smells delicious and has an alluring sense of serenity and relaxation as soon as you walk in the door. For your confidence and mine, my table is of high quality and offers comfort and strength to accommodate the deep pressure during some applications of massage. It is also heated during the winter months to add that sense of luxury to your massage session.

My approach

I prefer to work in silence so that I can really tune into your body and deliver what you really need on a physical and spiritual level. I will leave the communication level to you so that if you want to chat I am a fabulous listener also. In saying that I do need your input and feedback during the time you are in my clinic. I encourage you to let me know exactly what you need at any given moment, whether it be more pressure, less pressure, music up or down, lighting up or down, temperature in the room or on the table up or down etc. All these things can be quickly and easily changed with minimal interruption to the flow of your session. Again please speak up, its your massage and your precious time all for you. I have a massage menu I feel represents what I am capable of and experienced and knowledgeable to deliver to the best of my ability. All the different massages I do truly express my joy in giving massage to people of all ages, shapes, designs, coverings and abilities.

I continue to advance my knowledge and skills in these areas so I am able to deliver and specifically tailor your massage experiences at Blue Sea Massage. So you can be confident and safe in what I offer as a Diploma trained Remedial Massage Therapist. My passion is treating pain and disfunction in the body. I have many fascinating bodies that come through my doors. Everyone is so uniquely different. The body I treat will be an accumulation of life experiences and this includes physical trauma and emotional trauma also. Whether it be a car accident or an ankle sprain at netball, the whole body will rearrange itself around the injury to protect it. If it is treated and heals perfectly then you have no problems, but if it was an injury you have left to heal on its own and the body has tried to overcompensate and overprotect then you will probably have some factors in the soft tissue that will be preventing you from having full range of movement in your muscles and or joints.


This is what I can do to help your body move into its own correct healing phase. By treating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves etc in your body by way of massage is one of the single most important things you can do to start the body on its healing journey. Through relaxation and deep tissue massage I can move through the layers of tension or pain releasing built up congestion which will allow the heavy tightness and compensation patterns throughout the body, to slowly disappear. Sometimes this takes time and patience, but the end result is so well worth it. However sometimes it is not that simple and I will need to refer on to another health professional if I feel I cannot help you any further. This can all be discussed in detail if needed. It is your body and you are its guide.

At times I will need to go in a little deeper than previous sessions. Your body will let me know when this is required. I alternate between Trigger Point Therapy and deep tissue massage at these times. It will create some discomfort, and this is where I require your input so we can establish levels of pressure that you are comfortable with.

To create a change in a tight muscle it needs to be worked in a way that promotes a return to its normal length and ability to contract and lengthen with ease. It doesn’t usually happen if you are just working skin deep, especially with a chronic (long term) condition. At some point the body will need some deeper work. If you experience a soreness after the session please don’t be alarmed, it is quite normal and once your body starts to readjust to its new freedom, this should settle down within a 24-48 hour period, even less. This can be helped along by taking really good care of yourself; keep hydrated as much as possible, rest, gentle stretching and highly recommended is keeping the area warm, ie hot baths/showers, wheat packs, deep heat cream etc. Always try to keep the area warm that has been worked on, especially directly after your massage.

Migraines & Cluster Headaches

I would like to mention that another area I am passionate about is helping to treat people with Migraines/ and cluster headaches. A lot of the time it is about congestion in the neck and the base of the skull, and shrinking of blood vessels in the head. I have created a very special signature healing massage with my Hot and Cold Stones that can reverse a Migraine in its tracks and lesson the frequency and severity over a period of time specific to the individual client. I am very proud of the time put into research and creation of this particular massage, because I just get so much satisfaction in helping people gain relief from this nasty little affliction.

So there you have it. Blue Sea Massage in all its glory.  If anything resonates with you on this page, I hope to see you soon. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. After all no one looks after you better than you!!! You are worth it, your health is worth it; and I would love to help. In happiness, health and joy

Joanne Tyler @Blue Sea Massage